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Taixing Resheng Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to R&D, design, manufacture and sales of rubber and plastic machinery and equipment.


Application fields: EVA, TPR, rubber cable granules, EVA external shielding materials, PVC cablegranuies, LSZH cable granules, plastic film masterbatch, XPE foam sheet particles, high calcium carbonate fller PE/PP master batch, high concentrationsof black and white masterbatch , functional masterbatch, masterbatch,ABS, sulfurmasterbatch,rubber masterbatch, all kinds of rubber and plastic products ,etc.The production line combines materials internal mixing, conveying, feding,


Host: customizable; Motor: primary color; Protective cover: yellow II. Extrusion process: internal mixer - elevator - cone twin feeder - single screw extruder - hydraulic plate automatic screen change - hot cutting head - finished product bin Electrical control cabinet III. Processing materials: cable material, filler, calcium carbonate granulation Output: different rubber proportion and liquidity, slightly different production capacity)

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