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The focus of world rubber and plastics machinery manufacturing will be transferred to China

In recent years, the global rubber machinery market has been in a downturn. However, in China, due to the development of the tire industry, the development of the domestic rubber machinery industry is very rapid, which has gradually changed the distribution pattern of the world rubber machinery market. At present, the focus of global rubber machinery production has shifted to China.
    On the one hand, the current global tire manufacturing giants have invested in setting up factories in China, which has caused the world tire manufacturing center to gradually shift to China, which has increased the demand for more orders for rubber machinery manufacturers in China, thus driving the rubber machinery industry in China. Rapid development.
    On the other hand, as the world tire manufacturing center is shifting to China, the world rubber machinery manufacturers have also come to China to build factories, and have increased cooperation with China's rubber machinery manufacturers, and also accelerated the transfer of global rubber machinery to China. pace.
    According to the "2010-2015 China Rubber Machinery Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report", at present, there are more than 800 rubber machinery manufacturers in the world, of which China's rubber machinery manufacturers account for more than 1/3, reaching more than 300. Moreover, since 2003, China's rubber machinery sales revenue has been ranked for six consecutive years. Among them, in 2009, China's rubber machinery sales accounted for 25% of the world.