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Precautions for internal mixer

1、 Purpose
The purpose of standardized equipment operation and maintenance is to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.
2、 Scope of application
Operation guidance applicable to rubber and plastic internal mixer equipment
3、 Special responsibilities
The special equipment operators and maintenance personnel designated by the user unit shall not violate the rules and operate the equipment skillfully, and shall not supervise irrelevant personnel to approach or tamper with the equipment.
4、 Operating Instructions
1. Turn on the power supply in turn. If heating is required, set the temperature and observe whether the heating is normal. If water cooling is required, open the inlet and outlet valves for normal water supply.
2. Clean the internal mixing chamber, do not use hard objects such as iron wire to remain, check the oil level and lubrication status of each gear oil, engine oil and butter, especially note that the oil level of the triplet oil cup shall not be less than half, and regularly observe the change of the triplet oil level. No oil consumption or too fast oil consumption is abnormal (adjust the knob of the triplet). Replace the gear oil of the new machine at least half a year, and add lubricating oil to the moving parts at least once a week, Do not add oil more than half of the oil lens, otherwise oil leakage will occur.