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The turnover internal mixer is used for rubber plasticizing and mixing

The airtight rubber mixer is called internal mixer for short, which is mainly used for plastic refining and mixing of rubber. Internal mixer is a machine with a pair of rotors with specific shape and relative rotation, which can intermittently plasticize and mix polymer materials in a closed state with adjustable temperature and pressure
The 75L internal mixer can be connected to the production line to integrate mixing, conveying, feeding, extruding and granulation, and air conveying and hot cutting cooling, so as to realize automatic continuous operation with high efficiency.
75L internal mixer is the main product of Rixin Machinery. This internal mixer is compact in structure, small in floor space and space, and can be installed on the plane. This requires little for the production workshop of the enterprise. It does not need a large production workshop, which can save the corresponding production costs.  
In addition, the production process is subject to sectional closed loop temperature control. The kneader, feeder, extruder, etc. have their own heating and cooling systems to control their own temperatures according to the process requirements.